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Welcome to Great Beginning Trading Company

Realizing the immense potential of Chinese goods all over the globe, Great Beginning Trading Co. started its journey as an import and export agent way back in 2009. Over the last decade, we have come a long way, in establishing ourselves as the best import and export agent in China with an efficient and professional team offering 24x7 services. We do our business based on values, without levying any hidden cost or commission from our customers and take complete responsibility for the goods we deliver. Our quality, packaging, transportation and timely delivery make us stand out from the rest of our competitors as the most reliable product outsourcing agent in China. We are prompt in responding to your queries, as customer satisfaction is our priority. The niche we have carved for ourselves in product outsourcing from China has made us one of the major players in this genre.



Free Sourcing

Great Beginning Trading Co. is the most trusted China import agent. We have a wide network of factories, manufacturing units and wholesale markets supplying their products to us.

Translation and buying

we are a one-stop solution to all your import requirements from China. By negotiating the price and controlling the risks involved in the direct purchase

Inspection & Quality Control

Products are inspected while they are on production as well as before shipment. This is to ensure that the goods reach your hands in premium quality, unbroken and solid.


We have a sprawling 2000sq.m warehouse at the Yuwi port to safely store and stock the goods. We give the proper placement and positioning of the goods in safe and hygienic conditions.

Documents and shipping

Being one of the world’s largest certified movers, we deliver the goods you ordered at your doorstep. All arrangements are made for the shipment of goods via sea or air.

Travel arrangement

We make all necessary arrangements for travel including pick up at airports and making hotel reservations. Customer’s comfort and satisfaction is our prime concern.